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Parent and Carer Notices

Autism Advisory Team Parent Hotline

Barnet Autism Advisory Team now have a hotline to support parents of autistic children/YP living in Barnet. The aim of this hotline is to discuss concerns with social communication, emotional regulation and education by suggesting strategies and/or access to other services. We can support parents specifically around the following; emotional regulation, setting up schedules and routines in the home, communication, and support for home education. This is not an anonymous hotline and information will be shared with relevant professionals as necessary. 
The hotline will be in operation 10am to 11am, Monday - Friday, from 20 April, 2020 
The phone number is 020 8359 3167. Phone calls can last a maximum of 20 minutes.

Barnet integrated care pathway for young people with Down Syndrome (BUDDS)

Barnet have developed a pathway in partnership with parents, carers, health professionals and those living with Down Syndrome (Spring 19 to Autumn 2020). This pathway will be reviewed annually and updated accordingly, through the Leading Edge Group (LEG) for Down Syndrome in Barnet. The document is strategically managed via the SEND Development Group and Partnership Boards.  This pathway will enable people to navigate their way through the relevant health, education and integrated services to ensure no one who has Down Syndrome gets ‘left behind’. Down Syndrome Pathway (budds.org.uk)

New Online Payment Service

Oak Lodge has introduced a service known as School Money to make online payments for school meals and trips. Click here to see the user guide

Internet Safety at Home

The internet and social media can be challenging spaces for children and young people to explore and we do sometimes hear reports of incidents that may have affected our students. More information about the risks associated with apps and games can be found here, or please click here to access the latest e-safety update.

New Safeguarding website for parents - Parent Info

The government has recently launched a brand new website to support parents. The website has being developed with ParentZone and CEOP, the police command responsible for child exploitation and online protection. Parent Info is a collection of articles, tips, expert advice and resources designed to help parents keep up with what their children are doing on-line. For example, the site currently includes information about staying safe on minecraft, mental health, and building online resilience.

External clubs

Sense has started a sensory dance club at Unitas on Sundays.  Please find details here.