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Oak Lodge School

Values and Ethos

Our Trust-Wide Vision

  • To ensure that the quality of education for children and young people with complex learning difficulties and disabilities in all our provisions is of the highest standard, using evidence-based research to drive school improvement so that we are at the forefront of progressive practice
  • To celebrate diversity and developmental difference by providing appropriate and relevant specialist curriculums that will meet the broad range of needs and aptitudes presented by the students in each provision
  • To have regard to the health, safety and wellbeing of staff and students by providing safe, secure, stimulating and therapeutic environments for learning
  • To be an outward looking organisation that maintains positive relationships across its professional networks; being committed to high quality governance and leadership in all settings to ensure effective financial performance
  • To remain an independent specialist, SEND MAT, small enough to maintain a personalised service to the community of its academies and subsidiary provisions

Learning For Life

We prepare students to leave school as confident young people who are as self-reliant as their strengths and abilities will allow them to be. We believe passionately that all students should have the right to access learning at a level and in a setting appropriate to their needs that will enable them to enjoy and achieve. If a student cannot learn the way we teach, we should teach the way they learn. We hope through our practice to:

  • Promote positive social behaviour and communication through our commitment to the SCERTS model
  • Develop enjoyment and commitment to learning and achieving
  • Build on strengths and interests, develop confidence and the capacity to learn both independently and collaboratively
  • Equip students with literacy, numeracy and communication skills, and the ability to enquire and make connections across different areas of learning
  • Develop students’ sense of identity through knowledge and understanding of our shared and diverse spiritual, moral, social and cultural heritage
  • Promote physical development and encourage the pursuit of safe and healthy lifestyles
  • Enable students with physical disabilities to understand and manage their condition to enjoy the best possible quality of life
  • Develop students’ capacity to build positive relationships based on mutual respect for themselves and others
  • Enable students to respond positively and to cope with adversity
  • Develop awareness, understanding and respect for the environment
  • Promote the fundamental values of British society
  • Encourage and stimulate the best possible progress and attainment.