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Oak Lodge School


We recognise the importance of safeguarding children from potentially harmful and inappropriate online material, and understand that technology is a significant component in many safeguarding and wellbeing issues. 

Our school has robust processes in place to ensure the online safety of all school users of technology, including mobile and smart technology, setting clear guidelines for the use of mobile phones, and clear mechanisms to identify, intervene in and escalate any incidents or concerns. Specialist filtering and monitoring systems limit children’s exposure to harmful material from the school’s IT system.

We educate students about online safety as part of our curriculum. For example:

  • The safe use of social media, the internet and technology
  • Keeping personal information private
  • How to recognise unacceptable behaviour online
  • How to report any incidents of cyber-bullying, ensuring students are encouraged to do so, including where they are a witness rather than a victim

We train staff, as part of their induction, on safe internet use and online safeguarding issues including cyber-bullying and the risks of online radicalisation. All staff members receive refresher training at least once each academic year.

We inform parents/carers about online safety issues via our website noticeboard, direct communications and during parents/carers meeting where necessary.

Further information may be found in our Safeguarding Policy