Oak Lodge School, Barnet: School Meals

School Meals

School meals are prepared by contract caterers in our own kitchens.  School meal payments are due for the whole week each Monday, or half-termly by arrangement with the school office. You can now pay online through the School Money service. Click here for their user guide.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation and the need to maintain school 'bubbles', the kitchen is serving a hot menu with meat and vegetarian options for students to eat in their class bases. Students may continue to bring a packed lunch from home if preferred.

The cost of a school meal is £2.40, or £12 per week. The updated menu for April 2021 onwards may be viewed by clicking here.

Some families are entitled to receive free school meals for their children. Click here or contact the School Office if you would like further details.

Special diets can be prepared if required.  We like to know if a student has any special requirements in relation to food.  Sometimes students have very specific likes and dislikes.  We are accustomed to helping students extend the range of food they eat and to providing additive free, gluten and dairy free diets.

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