Oak Lodge School, Barnet: Personal Property

Personal Property

Students should not bring valuable personal items to school.

Personal stereos, mp3 players, hand-held computer games or mobile telephones may be used on school transport with the permission of the escort, but may not be used in school.  Students are expected to hand all such items or other valuables to their class teacher at morning registration. These will be held in the school office during the day to be collected during form period at the end of the day.

In no way does this mean that the school accepts responsibility for these items. Students bring these items to school at their own risk.

Many students possess mobile phones. Students who are independent travellers may wish to use them on their way to and from school but they should be handed to the school office for safe keeping on arrival.

Although we cannot accept responsibility for student property brought to school, we do try to keep an eye out for items that are lost. Please help us to help you by clearly marking clothing or other items with your child’s name.

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