Oak Lodge School, Barnet: Behaviour


The school’s ethos creates an atmosphere that promotes good standards of behaviour, ensuring that students, teachers and other staff feel they are known and valued members of the school community.

We recognise that all forms of behaviour should be interpreted as an act of communication. Classroom staff will work together with the school counsellor, pastoral manager and senior leaders, linking with families and multidisciplinary support services, to provide the best possible guidance and support for the students in our care.

A Behaviour Support Plan will be established following a risk assessment by staff for any student where positive handling strategies may be required. This is written in discussion with parents. For students who consistently exhibit exceptional challenging behaviour, specialist advice is available from Key Stage Co-ordinators and the senior leadership team.

Our policy provides the structure to support a calm and safe environment through reflection, analysis and collaborative planning that promotes positive behaviour modification.

Our Behaviour Policy explains our procedures in greater detail and is available through our website or on request from the school.
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